What People are Saying

“I recently had to submit a claim for transmission replacement on a pre-owned vehicle. Best experience I’ve had in my 14 years in the industry. Easy and fair to the technician, advisor and the customer. I highly recommend BG to all my customers.”

Fred H, Council Bluffs, IA, May 2020

“BG Products provide my team the confidence that they are recommending a service that does a fantastic job maintaining the vehicles of our guests. BG provides our team members second-to-none training and resources that help increase the knowledge of the services that we offer. The BG Lifetime Protection Plan drives repeat business into our service centers. The Lifetime Protection Plan process for submitting a claim is simple, easy, and fast. In our company, we treat the BG Lifetime Protection Plan as if it is our own third-party warranty. Thank you for all that you do to help our business!”

Nick J, Omaha, NE

“We have partnered with BG Nebraska because the products really work….Jason trains my staff and helps us not only on the technical side, but also the sales end, and we have seen significant revenue increases!”

Don K, Omaha NE, May 2020

“It has been a privilege and honor to do business with…BG. The professionalism, knowledge and cooperation dealing with our various brands is top notch. For four years (my representative) has helped us sell more product to increase our bottom line.”

Matt H, Omaha NE, May 2020

“…BG Nebraska has helped us a tremendous amount, not just with the products they sell, but in the service they provide. The training for our Service Advisors, Technicians and Managers is top notch and so is the training material and information that often goes overlooked by others. A constant force for the overall growth of our team and the investment in our customer’s vehicle. … it’s a relationship I truly appreciate.”

Dan H, Omaha, NE, May 2020

“Our business relationship with BG Nebraska has continued to grow and be profitable since opening our operation 10 years ago. We can depend on product training and updated information from our BG representative as it pertains to today’s automobiles and fast changing designs to today’s engines and drive trains. BG believes in supporting their customers and when anyone asks, “why do you use BG products?”, my response is “because I have never found anything better or we would be using it!!”. Maintenance is key in taking care of our customers and that is why we use and depend on BG Nebraska.”

Steve P, Lincoln, NE, May 2020

“In evaluating the benefits we receive from using BG Products, I realize they have helped us in many ways. I find my staff members are better trained to help our cutomers understand the importance of regular maintenance, which develops a consistent level of confidence between our business and our customers. Through this process, my staff also develops a loyal, long term customer, because they understand the benefit of the protection plan that comes with buying services that include BG Products. The benefits we gain are loyal, long term customers that drive higher mileage vehicles with confidence in the reliability of their vehicles.”

Dennis F, Kearney, NE, May 2020

“BG Products are the best automotive additives on the market. We have been using them for about 15 years. They definitely work! I wouldn’t be selling them if they didn’t for sure. Jason Allen along with all of the people at BG are awesome to work with and they have proven time after time that they know their stuff and will always take the time to demonstrate and explain the products we use. They are always coming out with new products to help the consumer with their car needs. They are always educating us on how we can make our customer’s maintenance experience better and keep their cars going longer. I wouldn’t use any other products because we are believers and BG is the product for us!”

Amanda R, Bennington, NE, May 2020

“My name is Mark Griger, owner of Fleetmark Solutions. I wanted to say “Thank you” to BG Nebraska and my salesperson, for not only providing us with the chemical solutions manufactured by BG, but also the wealth of education given to me and my repair team. We have had many successful treatments with the performance restoration service, both gas, and diesel, improving the overall run-ability of our customer’s cars and trucks. This service can sometimes be a tough sell, but once the customer experiences how much different an engine runs after being treated, it turns into an amazing experience.

The most noticeable changes have been on high mileage hard worked diesel trucks, primarily Ford 7.3 Liter engines. An engine running rough with excessive blow by and a driver that has been told by multiple shops that injector replacement is necessary to make the truck run properly- cured by BG’s Diesel performance restoration service. The engine runs smoother, the blow by is barely noticeable, and the customer is amazed. 

I have had many calls from customers thanking us for what we did to their transmissions. ATC Plus transmission service has made shifting smoother for multiple customers. The most pronounced is a customer with a 2002 N Nissan Maxima with 147,000 miles. He came in worried thinking he needed a new transmission. We inspected the situation and recommended an ATC plus transmission service. He was hesitant at first thinking how he didn’t want to waste any money since he already needs to pay for a transmission replacement. I explained the service and the BG Products assuring to him that the folks that make this product care about his car as much as he does. After the service, even immediately on the test drive, a noticeable improvement on the shifting was present. He later called and thanked us for saving him all that money. The car is still running and shifting properly today. 

From all of us here and all of our customers, both current and future, Thank you BG Nebraska and Thank you, Jason, for all of the above and beyond service and training you provide.”

Mark G, Papillion NE, September 2017

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